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Nuclear dump study starts in Cabo de Gata

Nuclear scientists from the University of Granada have confirmed to local newspapers in Almeria that the Ministry of Development has ordered a study into the feasibility of locating a nuclear dump in the  natural park of Cabo de Gata.

Recent research has indicated that the volcanic soil and bacteria of the park is naturally effective at blocking radiation and the Ministry wants to learn more about the natural properties of the soil and bacteria.

The University has admitted that as part of the study, they will be creating a feasibility survey into the creation of a dump for civilian nuclear waste there.

Any dump would be located around 1,000 meters below the surface, and would use natural bacteria to dissolve the radiation and carry the molecules into subterranean aquifers and the sea.

Dr Mahomed, leader of the BIO 103 nuclear research team, said he was unaware if there were any firm plans for a nuclear dump to be constructed in Almería, but confirmed the Ministry’s interest.

The last nuclear interest in Almeria, an study to build a nuclear power plant near Pulpí in 1985, failed due to the high level of seismic activities in the area, and the nuclear plant was eventually constructed in the centre of the country.