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Pablo Iglesias: ‘We have had to give a press conference for the PSOE to phone us’

Pablo Iglesias: ‘We have had to give a press conference for the PSOE to phone us’

He insisted his support for the socialists to form a coalition, would depend, among other things, if the number of members from Podemos and from Izquierda Unida in a future Cabinet is proportional to the results seen on December 20.

Regarding talks between Pedro Sánchez and Albert Rivera, Iglesias said he does not want see the PSOE in the bunker with the PP and Ciudadanos, for the reason that he holds little faith in their ‘good words’.

Three days after his offer to form a PSOE Government, Iglesias, who spoke to Sánchez on Sunday, defended the need to see new blood in the apparatus of the State, and again thought he should be deputy prime minister, given the 5 million votes his party obtained and only 300,000 fewer than the PSOE.

On the competences the new plural-national ministries he would have is the understanding of the territorial diversity of Spain and nationality and he wished for his group in Congress to have a spokesperson from Cataluña, Xavier Domenech.

After underlining that his proposal for a Catalan Referendum was gaining in popularity and called on the PSOE to be open to listening.

Speaking to 20 minutes’ newspaper he indicated if there is to be confidence between PSOE and Podemos both must decide to carry out work and not just plan or talk about it.
‘We have created a working road plan so people can be confident about us and out proposals for continued dynamic dialogue’.

Meanwhile PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez has said ‘I will never lead a Government which is built on mistrust’.

The PSOE Organisation Secretary, César Luena, affirmed his party would be inclined to form a solitary government, meanwhile the PSOE party president, Micaela Navarro, said she was convinced that Sánchez would not establish a Federal Committee (the body given the job of forming pacts) based on proposals ‘which have no basis’.

Navarro defended the need for ‘serenity’ in a moment of so much ‘effervescence’ and explained the PSOE is ‘serious, serene and responsible’ party which demands ‘respecting the times and the procedures’.

The leader of the Catalan party ‘in common we can’ in Congress, Xavier Domènech, assured today if Podemos and the Catalan confluence form a Government ‘there will be a referendum on the future of Cataluña.