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20 detained for defrauding Social Security in the second part of a police operation.

On this occasion, 21 new businesses have been investigated and the arrests have been carried out in the provinces of Granada, Málaga and Ibiza

The National Police in collaboration with the Social Security Work Inspection, has detained a total of 37 people and placed under investigation a further 31, in Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Ibiza in an operation which started in 2014 after a defrauding business framework had been created to abuse Social Security. Documents such as wage slips, work contracts, authorisations, diverse tributary and fiscal documentation and the amount defrauded was more than 120,000 €

According to a press release the National Police, in the framework of the second part of the operation, the agents have detained 20 people for their supposed participation in a spider’s web of another 21 new companies, with a relationship to the first investigation from 2015.

These companies were presumably created to realise false work contracts for foreign citizens to regularise their administrative situation in Spain and these frauds established countable days to fraudulently claim public subsidies

The operation started in the middle of 2014 after the detection in Córdoba of a marriage of convenience formed by a Nigerian man and Spanish woman used to work in a fictitious company dedicated to hostelry and to receive social aid.

After diverse investigations, the agents determined the head of organisation that made the most of his legality as a business manager, and authorised in the system RED several companies to give jobs to Spanish and foreign people, using false work contracts for the foreigners to obtain residency and for the Spanish to defraud public aids and subsidies.

Once the detectives found solid facts on the leader who was coordinating this network of defrauding companies and the sale of contracts to third parties brought an end to the first part of the operation and the detention of 17 people, 16 in Granada province and one in Córdoba. During the searches of the investigated companies they found wage slips, work contracts, tributary, fiscal and financial documentation, seals and storage devices.

This new second phase of the investigation has been possible after a meticulous study of the impounded documents from the first phase, and uncovering another 21 fictitious companies, constituted in the same way.

With new evidence the Police established this second operation and have detained another 20 people in Granada, Málaga and Ibiza. Eleven others are under investigation, some workers signed up to the fictitious companies and several foreign people.

The total fraud of 120,000 € has been uncovered by the combined security forces by Group II of the Córdoba Brigade for Frontiers and Foreigners, with Group 1 of their counterparts in Granada, in collaboration with the Foreigners Offices in Córdoba and Granada and the General Treasuries of Social Security and the Provincial work inspectors in both cities.