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37 detained, 13 in Málaga, of a network which falsified and distributed medicaments and prohibited substances

Steroids, anabolic hormones, and drugs for sexual potency which were acquired in Eastern Europe and Asia without any sanitary control.

Agents from the Guardia Civil and National Police, with the permanent advice from the Spanish Agency for Medicaments and Sanitary Products combined in the operation MAZINGER, which has been dismantled in Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Málaga a criminal organisation with international connections, dedicated to elaboration, falsification and distribution of medicaments prohibited substances used in sports.

The 37 detained are Málaga (13), Alicante (17) and Murcia (8), searches have been carried out in homes, warehouses and commercial shops in Málaga (12), Alicante (9) and Murcia (7) where a large amount of prohibited medicaments with the machinery and packing facilities.

The prohibited drugs are now being analysed by the Spanish Agency for Medicaments and Sanitary Products

In Málaga, two cells have been dismantled one acted as a Screen Company for the introducing of the drugs from abroad.

The investigation started in 2015 when am international alert from Belgium warned of illegal drugs being sent to Spain which led to the impounding of 120 kilos of medicaments.

The Spanish security services were working initially in parallel, but later they formed a single force. The detectives found several cells of the operation in various Spanish provinces, some with the capacity for fabrication and packaging, and other dedicated to the illegal selling.