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600 jewels recovered in a massive raid against a gang operating in Murcia and Madrid

The National Police has detained 48 suspects and has solved more than 40 criminal acts including home burglary committed by the Georgian mafia

The operation is framed inside the Plan Domus established by the National Police in the Madrid Community against burglaries. The detectives made 15 simultaneous searches and impounded as well as the jewellery, numerous stolen electronic devices, 13,000 €, documents and tools for the committing of thefts and burglaries.
This operation has solved more than 40 crimes committed in Madrid and Murcia.


Archive photo

The investigation started in March last year, when agents detected the presence of several people of Georgian nationality who had been sighted in other police operations for violent thefts on homes. On further consideration, the detectives proved the existence of an organised gang, comprised of several groups or cells dedicated to commit thefts, with access to specialist traffickers who would move the booty for sale on the black market, with logistic apparatus dedicated to stealing cars to be used in their assaults and to facilitate housing to the material authors of the thefts.

During the development of the investigations, all the criminals were identified leading to the arrests of 48 suspects, mostly Georgian but all with a long criminal record. Also, another 15 simultaneous searches in Madrid and Barcelona, where 600 jewels, 13,000 € in cash, tools used to commit thefts such as lock picks and knives.

In addition, among those held in custody is accused of a homicide in Georgia, uncovered by the usual international protocols.

All the jewellery and booty is on display at the Madrid Main Police Station. During this month, any citizens who think they have been victim and lost valuable items since 2016 can view and collect if fortunate.