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A million € to decipher the PIN number on the smartphone belonging to Diana Quer

The team from the Criminality Unit of the Guardia Civil are now investigating the disappearance of one of her friends and since October when the broken smartphone was found its inner secrets remain hidden. For this reason the Guardia Civil wants to find a foreign expert in deciphering.

According to César Cábanas, sales director at the forensic software company On Retrieval ‘it all depends on the model of the smartphone and the version of its operating system – there are IPhone models with a determined and brief version which are impossible to unblock’ in relation of the IPhone model owned by Diana Quer.

Specialist forensic police note in these sorts of cases when the investigation seems to be making no progress, unblocking a pin number can take several months or even a year.

Her Apple IPhone 6 could easily be opened by Apple, but without their help the challenge has got more complicated.
Despite the reports of her phone being damaged externally, the experts think the memory could remain in perfect condition.