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A tip off in Málaga uncovered a network exploiting more than 50 women

The National Police has detained 30 people from four provinces, and liberated 18 of the victims

The tip off came last year from a woman who had been a victim of sexual exploitation and has led to the dismantling of an organisation obliging more than 50 women, some under age, into prostitution. The woman told how she had been captured in her country and brought to Spain and had to prostitute herself to repay the debt which had accrued over her travel costs.

From this starting point, the National Police have managed to detain so far, 30 people in Torrevieja and Orihuela (Alicante) Cartagena (Murcia), Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Valencia.
18 of which have been imprisoned.

According to the Police General Direction (DGP) yesterday, the agents have liberated 18 victims obliged to prostitute for more than 12 hours a day in Torrevieja, where the criminal network was based, and in Ceuta where a pregnant child was rescued and another in Guadalajara. The Police version adds the two organisations shared the zones where they placed their victims allowing them to inflate prices and repel any competitors, ‘acting like mafia cartels’. Most of the money obtained by this sexual exploitation was sent secretly to Nigeria, sums, according to the Police exceeding a million €.

One part of the money sent to Nigeria, added the DGP, was distributed among those responsible in the organisations, and other to finance more recruitment. The first witness from Málaga led to the location of a Nigerian woman who was the boss of several compatriots. She had many contacts among her own nationality and had established two distinct criminal organisations dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women and led by five women.

Each one of the five controlled their own group and would on occasions share some of the victims. At the moment of the arrests in Torrevieja, one of the suspects was based in the United Kingdom, and had driven to the Costa Blanca with a caravan to control one of her 16 year old victims who she had convinced to leave her adoptive family which were living in France.