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Alfonso Rus has been released on a bail of two million €

The former president of the Valencia Diputación Provincial Government claimed ‘it is all a set up’ and he and his three men of confidence will have to register at the court every fortnight.

After several hours of testimony around midnight the judge who is investigating the ‘Imelsa’ case announced his decision. Alfonso Rus is under investigation for the supposed crimes of breach of public duty, embezzlement, fraud and influence peddling and the judge wanted him to assume his civil responsibility.


Alfonso Rus – Archive photo

The judge, Victor Carrasco, declined the prosecutor’s request for provisional prison as he considered there was no risk of flight or the destruction of evidence.

On leaving the court at around midnight, and noticeably tired, the also former mayor of Xàtiva assured, ‘This is all a set up, because for quite a long time I have wanted to leave the party’.
Rus, who declined to testify before the judge, indicated he would give his explanation which will demonstrate his innocence when he knows exactly what the charges are against him.

He also denied it was his voice in the recording which alleges he is counting 500 € notes up two million € in the recording with Marcos Benavent – who is collaborating with the prosecution and supplied a number of recordings – and before leaving he declared ‘the hand of the man who thieves should be cut off’ as a small group of people shouted ‘corrupt, corrupt’.

The magistrate also released on bail for two million the former vice-president of the Valencia Provincial Government Máximo Caturia. For Juan José Medina, another former vice-president, and for Emilio Llopis, the former cabinet chief for Rus, both had bail set a million and have to attend the court every fortnight.