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Breaking Briefs – Friday May 19, 2017

Spain ranks eighth in the world for best healthcare, PP in Madrid paid for Rajoy’s electoral expenses and stories from Mallorca today

The Guardia Civil sustains that the PP in Madrid paid Rajoy’s electoral expenses. A report from ‘Púnica’ assured the regional PP formation paid 200,000 € to help the PP national campaign for the General Election in 2008.

Billboards, flags, an extensive poster campaign and for Rajoy a teleprompter so he didn’t stumble his words, all valued over 200,000 € paid by the PP in Madrid, whose financing is under investigation in the ‘Púnica’ and’ Lezo’ in the National Court during the 2008 when Mariano Rajoy was top of the candidacy list.

According to a report from the Central Operative Unit (UCO in Spanish) of the Guardia Civil, known during after the summary secret was lifted as ‘Púnica’ – it consisted of a the gigantic network of influence peddling which affected several administrations in many regions.

Spain ranks eighth in the world for best healthcare
Obtains 90% in the list published by The Lancet

The access and attention to healthcare in Spain is eighth with 90 points among a ranking of 195 countries, published yesterday by the prestigious British magazine The Lancet

Andorra leads with 95, Iceland (94) and Switzerland (92) in their first edition of the report ‘Healthcare Access and Quality index based on mortality from causes amenable to personal health care in 195 countries and territories, 1990-2015 – a novel analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015

According to the report the Spanish health system has increased by 15.7 points over the last 25 years leapfrogging Italy (89), France (88), Greece (87), Germany (86), UK (85) and Portugal (85)

Other countries to obtain over 90 points are Sweden, Norway, Australia, Finland and Holland.

Spain gained 100 points in the treatments of ditherier, tetanus and measles, and 99 points for disorders related to maternity and respiratory infections.

Lowest points are for the curing of Hodgkin Lymphoma (64) Leukaemia (66) bile conditions (74) and skin cancer without melanoma (74)

The report has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which highlights the differences with the Central African Republic with the lowest (29), Afghanistan (33), Somalia (34), and Chad (38)

Detained a perturbed man who entrenched himself on a ferry in Palma
The man, a member of the crew was drunk and had been intimidating the passengers with a knife. The Guardia Civil boarded the ship and reduced the suspect, who has been admitted to the psychiatric unit in Son Espases.
From Montenegro he had been intimidating many passengers and several agents were needed to calm him down.
Fortunately nobody was injured.

Four detained with more than 300 marihuana plants in Marratxí
The National Police has arrested another person for cannabis plantation in Maria
New police success against drug trafficking on the island – with the arrest of two men and two women after three house searches was carried out last Wednesday where some 360 plants of wild cannabis of two types was dismantled.
All those in custody are Spanish and will be placed at judicial disposition today.

Environmental engineers are facing too many goats in Mallorca
They warn they are damaging the natural regeneration in the areas of forestry and scrub on the island
The Engineers College of Mountains of Baleares has asked for a political pact to set up a road plan to affront this ‘serious problem’ in the forestry zones in the Mallorca because of the overpopulation of the domesticated wild goats.