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Breaking Briefs – Monday June 27 2016

Stories from Calvià, Gran Canaria, Santa Ponça, Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, Córdoba, Sanlúcar, Granada, Torremolinos and Málaga


Condemned a hotel in Calvià for infecting a British tourist with the Legionella bacteria in his shower; the victim lost his two legs as a consequence of an extended hospital stay and eventual death.
A hotel in Calvià will have to compensate a client who was infected by the Legionella bacteria discovered in the water of the shower and the common installation for the swimming pool.
As a consequence the man suffered an authentic ordeal, to the extreme that ulcers had invaded his legs which had to be amputated.
Although initially, a judge in Palma determined the relationship between ulcers and legionella, the Provincial Court overturned his conclusion, because the link had not been medically proved.
The initial compensation for his inheritors was limited to 5,000 €, against the 289,000 € fixed by the judge in the first instance court.
The facts which are now being reassessed are not recent, it occurred in the spring of 2001, when the British client had spent ten days in this hotel in Calvià. When he was about to return home, he was suffering a high fever. He was admitted to a private clinic, but lacking medical insurance he was taken to the Son Dureta hospital. Where their diagnosis was pneumonia, with acute respiratory difficulty, and so a urine test was taken which detected the legionella.
Health inspectors went to the hotel and found the bacteria in the shower in two rooms and in the swimming pool.
Meanwhile, the patient spent several months in hospital; he was a heavy smoker and suffered high blood pressure. In September he was taken in an ambulance plane to Great Britain where he was admitted to hospital with ulcers. He received treatment and then in January he was transferred to another hospital, until he was allowed home for home treatment.
The ulcers got worse and so in February 2003 he was admitted to hospital again, where the lesions had grown in size and become infected.
The medics realised an operation to eliminate the dead flesh, but his health continued to deteriorate until in July they amputated his right leg and the following year the other.
The hotel has always denied any relationship between the bacteria and the amputation for their client, and the Provincial court agreed.
However, although the hotel denies provoking the infection, the new hearing has declared it shown to be so


Rajoy has given a month’s deadline to form a Government including PSOE. A minimum agreement in which he will call Pedro Sánchez, but he is also open to reaching a global agreement with Ciudadanos, the Basque National Party (PNV) and the Canaries Coalition (CC).


A woman has been strangled to death by her former husband in Gran Canaria. The 40 year old Ukrainian woman was strangled and beaten until death, but her previous German husband, who had broken off their relationship some months ago and had a distancing order against him. Anastasia F. was found in the bath with signs of a violent death.


A 35 year old British man was injured after falling in the early hours of yesterday (4am) from the third floor, a height of about ten metres, in tourism apartments in Santa Ponça in Calvià. According to IB-Health the man has suffered multiple injuries, without specifying the gravity of the accident. The location was Calle Ramón de Moncada, and two ambulances went to the scene and an ICU ambulance took him to the Son Espases.

A witness revealed favours granted by a Local Policeman with a work inspector by collaborating with the employment mafia. An earlier worker told the judge he spotted the accused, Joan S.G. handing an envelope to the inspector on the terrace of a restaurant.

Detained the owner of an installation company for robbing 500 metres of cable; the delinquent stole the copper which was out of service and so not so detectable; the Guardia Civil made the arrest and the 500 metres weighed two tons and was valued at 7.000 €


A thief who had just left prison has left a woman clinically dead after assaulting her in Valencia. The 86 year old woman suffered a brain haemorrhage after being beaten and left in her doorway.
María Alandi, was entering her home, had put her key into the lock when the attacker first tried to snatch her bag. The pensioner resisted, known to be an active lady, but during the struggle his punch sent her to the ground causing her near-fatal injuries.


Agents from the National Police have dismantled a criminal group dedicated to burgle summer residences in an operation across Alicante province. Making the most of the empty properties they stole jewellery, watches, electronic items and cash. Four people have been arrested and four searches have been carried out in the Valencia Community.

A Guardia Civil has been arrested in Alicante for collaborating with thieves burgling houses. Ten people have been arrested in the province in an investigation which remains open. After appearing in court the agent was released with charges outstanding by the duty judge and the supposed leader of the gang has been imprisoned.

The body of a bather has been found the Levante beach in Benidorm. Around 6pm yesterday a zodiac was patrolling the waters off the tourism hotspot and found the body of a man, in his seventies and of Spanish nationality.

A new shuttle bus service which links the AVE station is running between Alicante and Benidorm. The concession has been won by Union of Benisa, which offers eight shuttles from Benidorm and six from Alicante, Monday to Friday.


Almost 1,300 sub-Saharan children are arriving today in Andalucía and the arrivals will continue until July 4 as part of a Holiday Program for Peace 2016, coordinated by the Andalucía Federation of Solidarity Associations with the Sahara, with the Ministry for Youth and Sports from the Saharan Democratic Republic. The flights will arrive in Málaga and Sevilla.

The National Police has detained in Córdoba a man and a woman for arranging a marriage between the under age daughter of the woman and a 70 year old man, in exchange for 10,000 €. The young girl refused and fled from her family, of Romanian nationality. Agents specialist in human trafficking were alerted over the disappearance of the girl, her reason for doing so and the detentions.

The National Police and the Customs Agency have dismantled a gang of five people dedicated to the distribution of tobacco over the Internet, with the impoundment of 43,000 kilos – the second largest haul uncovered in Spain. The operation was developed in Córdoba where they had several warehouses at their disposal and where they stored and processed tobacco leaves sent to them from Poland, Greece, Bangladesh and India.

Exiled a woman from Sanlúcar after being detained for 23 thefts in just a month; she is banned from living in the Cádiz municipality during the time procedures against her continue.
Showing kleptomaniac tendencies she burgled from pharmacies, clothes shops and supermarkets, explained the National Police.


Two have died in an arson attack on a pub in Lanjarón.
The two victims are the owner of the establishment and the arsonist.
It happened on Saturday night when a man entered the pub, and supposedly set fire to himself with petrol.
The 58 year old owner suffered serious burns and was taken by helicopter to specialist burns unit in the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Sevilla, where he finally died yesterday.
Five others were injured and three remain in hospital, the most serious was taken to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga and two other men were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of Granada Hospital where their condition is serious.

The Guardia Civil has detained at a road block on the N-340 in Salobreña (Granada) a resident from Deifontes (Granada) as the presumed author of stabbing another during a fight in Almuñécar where the victim is remains in the Santa Hospital in Motril. Also detained another two people for resisting arrest, after they drove past the first traffic established for their arrest and a second one 300 metres before the first.

A mattress for refugees; ‘It was last September, I was sailing and received a photo of a boat overflowing with people’, lived Lo Mónaco, an Italian businessman resident of Granada since 1992 and the owner of a latex mattress company a leader in Spain which bears his surname. ‘I was upset to see the refugees drowning’ and he thought he should do something. ‘I told my wife while drinking coffee that we were navigating in the same sea as people were drowning’. His determination was firm, he donated his ship to an NGO which was working at sea and was able to save thousands of people risking their lives in the Mediterranean. His second contact was in Cataluña – Proactive Open Arms, ‘they were working close to the coast of Lesbos and they agreed to accept his donation for an unlimited time.
The boat now baptised as ‘Astral’ of 30 metre length and has been converted for its new solidarity life and now holds a clinic and is patrolling and live-saving off the coasts of Libya.


A pensioner has been saved from death after spending several days on the floor after a fall in Torremolinos. His wife raised the alarm when she found him semi-conscious, and dehydrated in his home and with a fracture which stopped him moving. The National Police rang his mobile phone, which rang but was not answered and was heard faintly inside the house. A locksmith was sent by 091 who opened the door and the critically ill man was attended to at the scene and then when stable was admitted to the University Clinic Hospital.

Pink cocaine on the way to Málaga; detained in Madrid nine members of a gang dedicated to producing and distributing this new synthetic drug in lively colours, known as ‘tucibi’ popular with the elite. The laboratories were dismantled, and several kilos of pink cocaine, with methamphetamine, ketamine and substances for cutting the drugs.