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Breaking Briefs – Thursday June 23 2016

Stories on balconing and stolen art from the Costa Blanca, Costa Tropical and the Costa del Sol


The aggressive British campaign against balconing; the UK and ABTA have joined forces that crossing between balconies when drunk can be fatal. Sometimes it is considered fun jumping from the balcony to the swimming pool but the facts prove this can lead to injuries of diverse and even death.

The British message reads – Your hotel balcony is there for relaxing on. It’s not a shortcut to your mate’s room or a diving board to the pool. So please enjoy the views and don’t let them be the last ones you see.
Dozens of British holidaymakers die or a severely injured every year as a result of inappropriate behaviour on balconies, often after a few drinks or taking drugs.
So far this month, at least two British citizens have died, a 34 year old man in Ibiza and a 17 year old girl in Mallorca, have been seriously injured. The latter remains critical with serious back injuries.
The campaign shows a glass of wine overflowing like blood and they use the face of a 19 year old man who suffered multiple injuries by jumping off a hotel balcony last summer.
Jake Evans had been partying with some friends and drinking in the hotel. Later, they said, he went out to the balcony to smoke, and asked for light from the balcony directly below. ‘I was trying to grab the lighter and being very drunk, I fell seven floors, hitting every balcony on my way down, as they were built like steps. I finally landed on a lounger which broke, but probably saved my life.
Jake suffered a fractured cranium, the fingers on one hand, his wrist and his upper lip was punctured by his teeth. He also suffered back and leg injuries.
‘If I had been sober, I would not have leant over so much trying to grab the lighter. I realise I am lucky to be alive’.

Six out of ten drivers admit to being distracted at the steering wheel, in older cars by the glove box and the modern cars there are more distracting lights and gadgets. A survey from the Spanish Royal Automobile Club (RACE) and BP has revealed the following
22% change the rear mirror when driving, 28% change the GPS, 4% confessed to connecting to the Internet and 14% notes they updated their smartphones; the glove compartment was 16% and the onboard computer 20%.


The National Police are inspecting the Plaza Luceros in Alicante with dogs’ expert in sniffing out explosives. They are also monitoring from the air from a helicopter. The coinciding of the Hogueras fiestas and the General Election has resulted in this higher level for terrorist threat.

The Treasury is to pay today 1 billion € to the suppliers in the Valencia Community. The electronic transfers will bring relief to heath, social services and pharmacies.

A bather has drowned on a beach at Bourumbot in Calpe. Lifeguards on the beach rescued the middle aged man at 12.30 today – it appears he left no belongings on the beach and as yet has to be identified

A child from Villena (Alicante) was visiting the local swimming pool after school for a relaxing bathe, when the boy opened up his towel and suddenly saw 500 and 200 € notes flying in the air.
The Local Police had to recover the notes which amounted to 3,700 € and remarkably the money had been hidden by his father in the towel a year ago.


Recovered a work of art from the 17th century, valued at 100,000 € as was about to be auctioned. The National Police has recovered the painting which had been stolen from the owner’s home in Motril, and had a starting price of 5,000 at an auction in a Madrid art gallery.


Something more than 50 National Policemen have been destined to the Costa del Sol for the summer months of July, August and September, a number the Unified Police Union has described as ‘ridiculous’ given that the police stations across the province are already 30% understaffed.


Missing Ángeles

A family from Asturias is searching in Málaga for their young daughter who vanished last March. The latest viable data, has placed Ángeles in Mijas and Torremolinos, explained her mother. Carmen Panizo has not seen her daughter since the middle of March when the 16 year old escaped from a children’s home in Oviedo, where she had been placed at the disposition of the mother. The spotting in Mijas was with a group of young Moroccans in a restaurant from where she rang her grandmother ‘in a way that someone was listening to her’ explained Carmen. Her next sighting was two weeks later in Torremolinos ‘She went to the Local Police to ask for help as she had become disorientated’. Being a minor the case was passed to the National Police and she was, according to her mother, was admitted into the Virgen de la Esperanza, Minors Protection Centre, from where she fled again. Carmen takes faith that being 16 she will not be able to leave Spain alone.
Finally, yesterday afternoon, on the social networks the family received a message she had been spotted in Jaén in the company of young man of Indian appearance in a black and white van.