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Breaking Briefs – Thursday June 30 2016


In the first five months of this year, the number of foreign tourists to visit Spain was 25.2 million people, 11.4% up on the same months last year. In May alone Spain welcomed 7.1 million foreign tourists, up by 7.4% on May last year.
Also over the five months, British tourists remained the most numerous with a 16.1% rise over the same months last year to make a total of more than 5.8 million foreign visitors.
Germany was second with 3.8 million foreign tourists up 5.6% and France saw a growth of 7.6% to 3.7 million.

The number of Spaniards fleeing the country continued last year at the same time more foreigners took up residency. Nearly 100,000 Spaniards went to lived abroad, 23% more than 2014 and double the option who wanted to return of 52,200.
Most popular destinations were the UK, France, Germany and the USA.

The concession of Spanish nationality fell by 44.5% in 2015 with a total of 114,207, compared to 205,880 in 2014.
Moroccans (24,247), Ecuadorans (13,931), Colombians (11,872), and Bolivians (11,165); nationality was granted in 70% of the cases for ‘residency’ – the concession of nationality for residence demands the person has to have lived legally in Spain for at least ten years, and immediately before the request.

Google’s two offices in Madrid are being searched today, given the Treasury is investigating a possible case of tax evasion, for not declaring part of their income generated in Spain.
The Tributary Control Plan 2016, approved last February gives fundamental lines of controlling action in the field of international fiscal planning and the use of email.

The prosecutor in the National Court has asked Judge Eloy Velasco to archive the cause against Podemos, for their presumed illegal financing from Iran and Venezuela. The allegation had been made by the far-right collective Spanish Civic Union.

Civil Guards from the Operative Central Unit, searched yesterday the home belonging to the chief inspector if the National Anti-Fraud Office, Margarita García Valdecasas, in the framework of an operation of the so called Falciani list.
Because her husband, Alejandro Pérez Calzada, a fund manager and former president of Venture Finances, for presumably repatriating capitals from Spain outside legal guidelines.
The Guardia Civil also searched yesterday the headquarters of the Swiss bank Mirabaud in Madrid and Barcelona and Banco Sabadell, for the investigation against money laundering, being heard in the National Court.

Spanish beer is the fourth leader of production in the EU and consumption and production continue to increase to a value of over 15.5 billion € – 1-4% of GDP

Público newspaper has handed the recordings of the Interior Minister to the General Prosecutor. Ten days after they broke the story of two recordings between Jorge Fernández Díaz and the chief of the Cataluña Anti-fraud Office, Daniel de Alonso, who was sacked yesterday, have handed to the State General Prosecutor the complete audio archives, without making any judicial value over its object and contents.
Daniel de Alonso has pleaded for forgiveness ‘I wish to be pardoned, without exception, from all those who I could have upset; my only desire is to return to my personal and professional life.


Photo – Interior Ministry

A group of 28 Lebanese refugees have arrived in Spain today, six men, six women and 17 children – nine will be housed in La Rioja, five in Alicante, five in Guipúzcoa and nine in Sevilla.
Their arrival takes the number of asylum seekers which have arrived in Spain to 299.

The Guardia Civil in Cantabria has arrested a farmer after discovering 21 dead cows from thirst and hunger and another 21 in a state of inaction. The detained is accused of the crime of animal abandonment and ill-treatment and another against the protection of flora and fauna.

The Nóos prosecutor Pedro Horrach has left the prosecution service to take up advocacy. He informed he would be leaving in a question of two months.


The Valencia Community Regional Health Service is distributing slowly from today a new health card which gives coverage for all of Spain, except Cataluña for technical problems.


Ibiza needs another geriatric home to attend to the long waiting list. The Baleares Govern estimates the need as eight new residencies for 120 places, with a priority for Mallorca.

Prison for two of the four arrested for the theft of a watch worth 19,000 €; the agents the suspects, all Italian, as they were trying to leave the island.


Saved in Calpe, two bathers who were swimming under the red flag; the lifeguards rescued unconscious a 67 year old male English tourist who had been thrown against rocks by the waves on the Arenal beach.
The second was saved by two lifeguards in very rough seas, after he bruised his legs on some rocks, they managed to keep him afloat until a launch arrived and was unconscious by the time they got to shore, they followed the correct procedures in reanimation and the man came round. An ambulance was called by the man just walked off. The lifeguard’s coordinator Juan Luis San Nicolás explained lifeguards don’t have the same authority as the police.

A 28 year old Czech girl has been rescued from prostitution in a nightclub in Alicante. She was obliged to work ten hours at a time and had to pay her own social security, and had been exploited in several different clubs over the last six years.
The National Police arrested the owners of the brothel, a 62 year old Spanish man and 30 year old Czech woman and they are under investigation for belonging to a criminal organisation, human trafficking, and crimes related to prostitution and against workers rights

The Coastal Authority is demolishing an historic building on the front line of Benidorm Levante beach. The house was used as a summer residence by José Martínez Alejos, had recently been occupied by squatters and was of an architectural heritage, that few similar examples remain.


Two unionists have been reprimanded for being absent from work for fifteen years. They are employees of the Jerez de la Frontera Town Hall and the CGT union, and they have claimed all their working hours were covered by their companions, and report ‘a union persecution.


Manuel Azuaga, new president of Unicaja the savings banks chain based in Málaga. The 43 year old has experience in the financial sector, and will executive functions until a new CEO is appointed in some months. Azuaga will be responsible for launching Unicaja on the Stock Market.

Málaga Mayor, Francisco de la Calle, has assured the Junta de Andalucía will act swiftly is the asbestos case, and he believes the number of schools affected ‘is not so large’ and indicated there is no reason for alarm