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Brexit: Podemos wants a guarantee for full health access for British residents in Spain.

They have presented this proposition to Congress for the universal right to health to continue post-Brexit

Both sides want the same result, the EU 27 want their residents in the UK to keep the services of the NHS as Great Britain wants for their compatriots living in the EU. In an attempt to ensure this two way arrangement continues, Unidos Podemos has registered a Green Paper not legally binding to insist the Government maintains a series of ‘basic and impassable principals’ during the negotiating process.


Pablo Bustinduy – Podemos MP

Key here is the ‘guaranteed right to health’ and social services for British and Spanish citizens living in either country. Podemos has quoted Teresa May who affirmed she wanted to ‘guarantee the rights of the EU citizens living in the UK and the rights of the British in other member countries, as soon as possible’

The proposal highlights the demands of the collective in the UK Granite Tide, a social movement established by Spanish emigrants, and their demand to maintain the current social and health accesses in both countries ‘ignoring their financial or labour position and, if when returning home the years paid into social security should be counted’

The freedom of movement and the right to continue working in both countries ‘is basic and untouchable’ for Podemos who also reclaim better information from the British Home Office when reports indicate foreigners applying for permanence residence are being denied on many occasions, and therefore ‘regular information regarding the effects of Brexit should be maintained’.