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Captured a Spanish woman bound for Syria with four sons and a returned ‘Jihadist’

The woman, arrested in Alicante, is the wife a former top dog in Daesh and the Moroccan arrested in Victoria, had fought in the ranks of Al Qaeda.

Double success for the National Police this Wednesday; in the first operation, the agents detained a 36 year old Spanish woman as a ‘collaborator’ with Islamic State, who was planning to take her four children to the Syrian-Iraqi border to join the ranks of the terrorists. In the second operation, arrested in Victoria was a 41 year old ‘returned’ Moroccan Jihadist. Both homes are being searched by the Police


National Police Agents – CNP

The detained in Alicante realised important labours of sending propaganda via the social networks, using emblematic signs of terror and ISIL, published videos she had created and edited herself again showing extreme violence and praising the Islamist ideology. Also, she had established a virtual contact with Daesh over the internet with a versed and experienced recruiter, a terrorist living in Syrian.

Her detention uncovered her plans for her four children to accompany her to Syria where her husband is already fighting for Daesh, (he left Spain in 2014) and is now part of their hierarchy.

To obtain her wishes, he even published her husband had gone missing while he was in the combat zone, to obtain absolute custody and to later travel surreptitiously. Given the impossibility of flying from Spain, he had arranged for his children to use roads via France, to finally give up his fatality.

After her return from France she lived in Alicante and started working on the social networks and also to try to locate her husband via the internet, in compliance with Daesh for the widow of the martyrs from the terrorist organisation, and also by boasting her husband as a fighting Jihadist.

She maintained a profound hate for anything western, and lamentably had brainwashed her children by giving them access to her radical speeches and biased propaganda.

In her daily life, she was very careful especially when her husband left in 2014, and was named in the press as being a combatant.

Meanwhile the arrest in the Basque Country – agents from the National Police General Information Commissariat detained today in Victoria (Álava) a former combatant for Al Nusra, a 41 year old Moroccan, who had returned from Syria, and had developed a key role in the structures of indoctrination, capture and recruitment for Daesh, with the last objective to send those adept to fight in the Jihadist focus on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The detained in Vitoria was militarily instructed by Al Nusra, an affiliate in Syria and Lebanon for the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda, but he fell out with them and became more radical and joined Daesh.

The investigators revealed in the last two years they had been concentrating on recruitment of youngsters, preferably of Moroccan origin and identifying weak people easily confused and to then speak daily and personally using their expertise in the social networks as a means of not being detected.

In September 2013, after a long process of alienation, a young Moroccan living in Spain travelled to Syria to join Al Nusra, where both were trained in the use of firearms and other weapons. The younger recruit died in a conflict zone two years later, his grieving family noted before he had got indoctrinated he was just a boy, without any religious training or inclination but had been too confidence and easily influenced.

The two operations, which continue open, have been developed under the supervision of Central Instruction Court 6, in coordination with the National Court Prosecutors, with the support of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) and the Moroccan Territorial Vigilance.