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Correa, Crespo and Moustache condemned to 13 years in prison for Gürtel PP corruption in Valencia

Milagrosa Martínez, former PP Tourism Councillor, has been handed down a nine year sentence.

The Superior Justice Tribunal in the Valencia Community has condemned Francisco Correa, Pablo Crespo and Álvaro Pérez (moustache) to 13 years in prison each one for rigging contracts at the Fitur tourism fair in favour of the Gürtel clan in Valencia.


Francisco Correa – archive photo

In total they have been condemned 11 of the 13 judged for the crimes of misuse of public funds, influence peddling, bribery, falsity and illicit association.

The former PP Tourism councillor in the time of Francisco Camps, Milagrosa Martínez, known as ‘the pearl’ has received a nine year sentence, ten years prohibition and 5,000 € fine, and Rafael Betoret, former Tourism cabinet chief will have to spend six years behind bars and ten years prohibition from public service.

Former PP Valencia councillor Angélica Such and Juan Bover, former chief of the Valencia Tourism Agency, have been acquitted.

The Superior Justice Tribunal in the Valencia Community has called on the nine to attend to be officially informed of the sentences this Friday at 9pm although they lawyers can attended in their place. The cause, ready for sentencing in April 2016, has examined all the adjudications during five continuous years on the designs, assembly and dismantling of the Valencia stand in Fitur and other tourism events where Valencia was present corrupting five million €.

During the hearing, the accused denied all knowledge, as released as privileged information in the public convocations.
They argued that the offers presented by Orange Market won the tenders for being the most original and creative. Milagrosa Martínez was accused of receiving a commission of a Hublot Swiss watch valued at 2,400 € to granting contracts in favour of the Francisco Correa network, ‘I purchased the watch which is fake’ she said in court. The prosecutor was concerned why it had taken her more than four years to invent that excuse.

This verdict will presumably mark the framework for the rest under judicial investigation; the pronouncement will influence the outcome, coincided several judicial sources in the case in conformity with the prosecutor’s accusations in the other pieces of Gürtel, to reduce sentence time and in order to remove additional appearances on the accused bench in the cases still pending.

The law establishes, in the supposed connected facts, as in this case, the total sentences for each crime cannot be longer than triple the longest prison term. For example, those found guilt of falsifying invoices for two years in prison; the maximum punishment would be no longer than six years for the falsifications carried out elsewhere inside Gürtel.

Other’s accused and sentenced

Isaac Vidal, former Markets area chief of the Valencia Tourism Agency sentenced to seven years and ten years prohibition.

Jorge Guarro former Promotions chief of the Valencia Tourism Agency sentenced to four years and ten years prohibition.

Ana Grau former coordinator of the Ferias of the Valencia Tourism Agency four years in prison and a special prohibition

Cándido Herrero, employee at Orange Market gets four years and four months in jail.

Mónica Magariños, employed at Orange Market gets three years in prison

Isabel Jordán, director at Special Events has to serve six years behind bars.