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Detained in Irún a presumed jihadist when trying to reach Syria

The detention is framed as part of an investigation when another two people were detained in Pamplona a year ago and in Calahorra (La Rioja) on Oct 26.

The Guardia Civil has detained in Irún (Guipuzcoa) a presumed jihadist who was planning to join ISIL in Syria.

According to sources in the anti-terrorism fight, the arrested, Allah El Mourabit had been radicalised and was working as a lorry driver which he used regularly to visit other jihadists in Germany.

The Interior Ministry informed in a statement that the operation has been realised by the Guardia Civil Information Office with the brigades from the Navarra Armed Institute Command.

The Moroccan now in custody had suffered a process of jihadist radicalisation in the same environment as the other two detained, confirmed Interior, adding he had been using the internet to praise the terrorist activities by Daesh and had recently joined a jihadist terrorist cell.

Since 2015, when the anti-terrorism alert level reached four, the State Security Forces have detained a total of 170 jihadist terrorists.

Yesterday the National Police detained a jihadist in Aranjuez.