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Distorted state funding of the general election campaign

The PP will receive 12 million € from public funds for their result last Sunday, a quantity far above the 8.4 million € they claim they spent on the election campaign.

According to the current electoral law the State funds 21,167.64 € for each seat in Congress and Senate, with 81 cents for each vote obtained in the lower chamber and 32 cents in the upper chamber.

This supposes a total budget of almost 30 million €, split between the 25.24 million for Congress and 4.38 million for the Senate.

For postal and propaganda costs the State grants 18 cents for each elector provided the party concerned has gained parliamentary representation.

The PP takes a third of the total with more than 12 million € between the two chambers. The 137 seats and 7.84 million votes correspond to 9.25 million €, although this includes funding their partners in Navarra, Aragón and Asturias.

The socialists are now in debt, having spent 6.3 million on the campaign and a subsidy of 5.8 million after obtaining their worst general election result since democracy.

Unidos Podemos and their partners will receive 6 million € for the 5.36 million votes and their 17 MPs and 339,000 for their 16 Senators.

In concrete, the list Podemos-IU-Equo, led by Pablo Iglesias, with 45 MPs and eight Senators will receive 3.5 million €, more than the 2.2 million they spent on their campaign.