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ETA has announced it will complete its definitive disarmament on April 8

ETA will later today announce on international media a list of their ‘hides’ of weapons according to anti-terrorism sources.

The announcement in Le Monde is intended to accelerate the progress of disarmament, which has been paralysed, after they took an undertaking to seal all their weapons.

One of the ETA activists which was detained on April in the south of France, Jean-Noël Etcheverry, gave the news to the French newspaper saying by the evening of April 8.

He was one of five who were surprised by the Guardia Civil on Dec 16 in an operation in collaboration with the General Direction of Inland Security, while they were decomposing the ETA arms.
‘ETA has trusted us with the responsibility of disarming their arsenal, and by the evening of April 8 ETA will be without weapons.

Later today the BBC is likely to be the first broadcaster to list the locations of all the hidden weapons