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EU to invest 80 million in Almeria’s solar energy research centre

EU to invest 80 million in Almeria’s solar energy research centre

Almería has been selected to host the new EU center for research in solar energy “Solaris “, which today was announced as a priority project by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), which meets tomorrow to sign the project in Brussels.

The project will be developed in the Advanced Technology for  Renewable Energy Center in Tabernas (Almería) and will be connected with laboratories in the countries with the highest solar potential, such as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, as well as with Germany, a leading provider of technology.

EU to invest 80 million in province

This infrastructure, driven by the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, has a construction cost estimated at 80 million euros and its main purpose is scientific and technological development of concentrating solar energy systems.

“This project will benefit the institutional and organizational support of the European community with a view to the creation of the main European research center on this renewable technology,” said in a statement the director of Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA), Diego Martinez, head of project.

As well as the Almeria solar energy base, ESFRI has selected as a research priority a nuclear research facility in Belgium and a wind farm in Denmark.

The development costs of these three infrastructures could reach 1,200 million euros, the European Commission said today in a statement.

For Brussels, the infrastructures of energy research play an important role when implementing the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET), to promote renewable energy and reducing EU dependence on fossil fuel imports.

The Strategic Forum was created in 2002 to promote European research projects in infrastructure and consists of representatives of the Twenty and other associated countries, as well as experts from the European Commission.

The EU is building a “road map” for research facilities which are considered strategic, which this forum considers to be important because it facilitates fund raising and implementation and realization of projects.