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Fines as much as 750€ for not cleaning a dog’s urine with water

Citizens are prohibited to use sulphur or bleach to clean the façades to eliminate the urine, but must use specialist products or water

Not collecting dog’s droppings from the pubic highway is motive for fines across Spain and elsewhere. However only now has one Catalan municipality added cleaning the urine also – Mataró where the Town Hall has announced fines as high as 750 € against the owner

The new by-law was approved unanimously and covers the ownership, protection and control of animals, and also contemplates more sanctions when dogs are left unattended and leashed when walking with the owner organised by a new municipal dog census – Noisy animals on terraces banned between the hours of 21.00 and 0800.

Stray cats are to be rounded up and sterilised and then kept in protected spaces. Animal associations have to play a key role.

Any animal owner who ignores these new regulations can face being fined between 100 and 3,000 € depending on the particular circumstance.