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Found on a beach in Valencia the body of a girl who went missing in Ibiza

Her boyfriend is whereabouts unknown and his car was found scrapped next to a cove on the island.

The National Police and the Guardia Civil are tying to solve this jigsaw which has two families on tenterhooks. One is the Brazilian woman 34 year old Katia F.S. whose cadaver was found last week on a beach in Cullera (Valencia). The other is her boyfriend, Marcos Pérez de La Torre, 36 year old from Mostoles in Madrid who remains whereabouts unknown.


Marcos and Katia – photo las provincias

The disappearance of the couple, residents in Ibiza, was reported several weeks ago by the family of Marcos – reports ‘Las Provincias’

The start of the mystery is written in Ibiza, in the district of Santa Eulàuria, a well known resort on the east of the island.
It was home for Marcos and Katia after a sentimental relationship established ‘some four months before their disappearances’, as remembered the sister of the man, Marta Pérez. According to a friend of Marcos, he has been working in Ibiza for three years as a carpenter and cabinetmaker ‘he was happy’.

On NOV 18, Marcos’s family had their last conversation with their son ‘He had the intention to return to Madrid around that time to present his new girlfriend to us. His plan was to spend some days with family which we have in Valencia and then he planned to return to the capital’, said his sister.

Since that date both have vanished completely, after several days of repeated phone calls, messages and contacting friends on the island, the Pérez family reported them missing to the National Police in Mostoles and their investigation continues open.

Weeks passed without any advance until in the middle of this month, when Marcos’s car was found in a mountainous landscape of Santa Eulària close to the idyllic Cala Llonga, some six kilometres south. The vehicle was completely scrapped ‘the windows were broken, the battery was missing and four wheels had also been taken’ described the sister of Marcos. Some clothes were found close to the car and some of his tools for working wood. But there was no sign of the couple, their phones or any documents.

Then, a large scale search was mounted over the craggy area when a Guardia Civil helicopter was used in the search but without success. During this month the police have been opening all possible sources, movements in bank accounts, phone and internet activities, meeting friends or acquaintances of the victims, and only uncovered a ferry ticket.

‘Nobody has been able until now, to tell us with any form of certainty if they are still on the island’ lamented Marcos’s family.
Currently the researchers are checking airport departures to see if they left on a plane.

But the strange case made a tragic turn, once the Valencia Regional Government was informed. The cadaver of the Brazilian appeared last week on the shore of a beach in Cullera, as confirmed by Marcos’s family and sources close to the investigation. The cadaver of Katia was floating in shallow water in an advanced state of decomposition. A passer bye pulled the body to the beach, and then he raised the alarm and agents from the Guardia Civil in Cullera went to the scene.

A visual examination was made and then the body was sent to the Legal Medicine Institute in Valencia where an autopsy will determine cause of death, but as the cadaver was not bruised it appears she had drowned. DNA will confirm her identity as Marcos is appearing as the main suspect.

Some detectives in Valencia think Katia could have been thrown into the sea off Ibiza. The recent storms with high seas and Levante winds could have carried the body. However, the police on the Baleares doubt a cadaver could have travelled so far in such a short time, just over a month.

Regarding the ransacked car belonging to Marcos ‘one of the possibilities being considered is they parked their together for some reason and vandals have been removing parts since then’
For Marta ‘everything is uncertain’ but she has not given up hoping to find Marcos alive. If anyone has spotted the suspect or has any evidence or ideas they should contact the National Police (091).