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Garzón has presented a need to remove the remains of Franco and Primo de Rivera

The text, which the lawyers Manuel Ollé and Eduardo Ranz have actually followed, was presented by the previous National Court judge prior to the Supreme Court.

Baltasar Garzón has presented a management litigation claim prior to the Supreme Court which calls for the reconversion of the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the fallen) to become a ‘Space for Memory’ for the victims, and for that reason get rid of the remains of Francisco Franco and of José Antonio Primo de Rivera.


Baltasar Garzón – archive picture The supporting lawyers recommend an arbitration service on the exhumation of the remains and for the recognition of the rest of the victims, notified the offices of Garzón

The text requests the transfer of the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco and the creator of La Falange José Antonio Primo de Rivera to another place designated by their respective families.They also reclaim adequate funding, paid by the State for the exhumations and recognition of the remains which have actually been interred at the site.They propose a Parliamentary public act’for the proficient State authority to request for forgiveness for all the victims of the Civil War and the Franco years in easy acknowledgment and ethical reparation’.

The demand also demands the annulment of the decrees for development of the Basilica and the Foundation of Santa Cruz of the Valle de los Caídos ‘given their contradiction in letter and spirit of the Constitution and the Law for Historical Memory, which recognise and widens the rights and stabilises measures in favour for those who were maltreated and violated during the Civil War and the dictatorship’

For this to take place we need ‘a new judicial structure for the Valley of the Fallen and the organization which controls it, its assets and how many other relations and judicial situations which can be affected’ to transform the Valle de los Caídos into an area for keeping in mind the victims.Said space must become a place of recognition, dignifying and in homage to those who were buried here, the official publication of all the names of the victims, supply sufficient information for the visitors, the production of an Occupational Centre for Memory and systems which ensure a broader access to the archives and details on the Valle de los Caídos.

‘There does not exist any greater exaltation for the Civil War and the Dictatorship, nor any act of political nature for that the remains of the victims (more than 33,000) in the biggest mass tomb in Spain should remain in the same location as the grave for the totalitarian and the creator of la Falange, all of them unidentified and their honour denied’