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Iñaki Urdangarin has been called to testify today

The district attorney, Pedro Horrach, used his first concerns to acquit the Infanta, requesting for a 19 year sentence for Urdangarin he was started taking his testimony.

6 minutes past one, and the tribunal evaluating the Nóos Case called to the affirm Iñaki Urdangarin. PPedro Horrach was the first to question him and utilized his very first questions to aim to acquit the Infanta Cristina. Urdangarin spoke very silently, and asked to see some documents.The president of the tribunal said to Iñaki Urdangarin he can ‘analyze the files for the time he requires’.

Early declarations from the primary implicated

He affirmed that his secretary Julita Cuquerella (person of his optimum trust) suggested individuals who could be useful for Nóos and their projects.On his work

of two of his nephews, Lucia Gui and Jean Gui ‘They were very helpful for me, they offered me with details on projects I was establishing, and this info I used to believe, consult and examine’. ‘Each one worked from house, one in Madrid and the other in Barcelona” The Nóos Institute has associates, no employees; we looked for the best tasks to establish. We contracted lots of societies to establish their experience in each area. The Nóos Institute searched for the best ideas to develop’.

On the issuing of billings ‘I expect, I am not charged to discharge invoices nor was I the administrator of Nóos’

Urdangarin was being incredibly elusive with his answers at the persistence of Pedro Horrach concerns about the invoices for the Valencia Summit, among the events under suspicion.
‘How is it possible that your institute obtained 900,000 EUR from Valencia Summit in 2004 and 400,000 EUR more when you are the owner’ asked the prosecutor. ‘I have no idea, I was not the administrator.Iñaki Urdangarin recognised that Aizoon, the company he shares with the Infanta, had fictitious employees, which he supposed has the examination against him.’ What did Virtual provide for Valencia Summit?

‘–‘You will have to ask the administrator of that society’he answered in allusion to Diego Torres, however the district attorney insisted’but you were president of the Nóos Institute.’I suppose’was his most repeated expression when he denied directing the projects inside Nóos’ I remained in guidance and they required me for sporting matters. In the concept for the European Games, being a sporting theme I was more involved” Look how I have actually come, I have originated from Nóos with no files or paper ‘he affirmed when asked about the

sponsorship of the Banesto-Baleares biking team. ‘I have actually never taken any commission from any individual, absolutely not ‘he responded to Horrach Half an hour ago with another half hour to go his technique has actually been to remove himself from the management and daily in the Nóos Institute. Has stated he’ monitored ‘tasks (above all when sporting ), and was not involved in the contracting of personnel nor the invoicing.The district attorney, in his written accusation, highlighted the numerous elements of the arrangement made with Valencia Summit. Nóos, according to him’simulated solvency and experience’and used the term ‘canon ‘to pay Urdangarin, the confidentiality stipulation, and the doing not have to justify the cost.Iñaki Urdangarin deals with a petition of 19.5 years in jail for breach of public duty, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, money laundering, impact peddling, documental scams and financial crime.During today

Diego Torres ended his testimony after 25 hours expanded over four days Torres has actually denied that Urdangarin acquired a commission from the Govern.He has contradicted Jaume Matas who affirmed the 300,000 EUR were the’commission’

which Urdangarin had actually asked from the Baleares Govern as an’achiever ‘. The tribunal presided by Samantha Romero will end this session at 15.30 to return on Wednesday 2 February at 9.15