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Keeping the Infanta under investigation has been a surprising decision

The Infanta Cristina and the Royal Zarzuela Palace were certain the ‘Botín doctrine’ would have put an end to the case against her.

Her lawyers had told her she had nothing to worry about quoting the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court as because both the prosecutor and the State Advocacy had spoken in her favour.


Zarzuela Palace

Cristina de Borbón has been living in Geneva since she abandoned Palma de Mallorca and since then she has made no comments to the press and has felt besieged by the larger part of the Spanish media. She and her husband are both reported to be very depressed and according to El País have sought professional help.

She is convinced of her innocence and feels abandoned by the Zarzuela. Reports in the Palace say only Queen Sofia and her sister Elena have shown solidarity and initially at the start of the process both her brother and Don Juan Carlos I maintained the family together.

But with the passing of time now her mother and sister are intermediaries. A short statement from the Royal Palace expressed their ‘absolute respect for the independence of Judicial Power’.