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Mariano Rajoy has accepted the order of the King to try and form Government

The PP leader denied he had thought about his new Cabinet, but assured it would be capable, stable and lasting.

After accepting the challenge, Mariano Rajoy declared he would try to reach agreements with other parties so the legislature could last four years, and he denied he was waiting for a third election by taking advantage of the crisis in the PSOE.

Accustomed to having it his own way, Rajoy promised ‘open dialogue’ and assured he was yet to devise his new Cabinet, and welcomed the PSOE abstention.

‘I am perfectly aware of the difficulties to understand governing in a minority, we are entering a new stage and we will have to speak much about dialogue, I have to win more support’

‘I guarantee to work from the very first day for my government to be capable, stable and lasting and I am aware this will only be possible via dialogue and agreements’

The PP leader expressly thanked the PSOE for their change of heart, ‘It was reasonable and responsible decision’ and indicated ‘both parties have much in common’.

Among the cross-party agreements he felt possible he named education, pensions and how the regional autonomous are financed.