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More than 1000 expats each day in Spain are clicking to vote

More than 1000 expats per day in Spain are browsing the web to the UK government webpage where Brits can register to vote in the EU referendum.The British Ambassador Simon Manley today(Friday 29 April)explained the strong interest among British expats in ballot in the mandate as’extremely motivating’. Speaking in Malaga to partners of the British Consulate and regional authority foreigners’ departments, who are helping to spread out the voter registration message, Mr Manley stated:”The Foreign Office is supporting the Electoral Commission

‘s campaign to encourage Brits overseas to register to vote, and I’m delighted that so lots of are currently preparing to exercise their democratic.”Whether your view is that the UK needs to continue to be in or leave the EU, I advise all eligible expats to sign up to enact this historical referendum You may have spent several years working or residing in the UK and possibly still have strong ties: family, home, or a pension. Whatever your conditions, the possibilities are the referendum outcome will affect you or your family.”So make certain you can have your say. It is for the British individuals to decide whether we’re stronger, safer and better off as part of the European Union, or on our own.”Clicks on the from computer system users with Spanish IP addresses have actually averaged more

than 1000 daily since the abroad voter registration project started on 4 February. Since the beginning of the year, a total of over 80,000 individuals in Spain have actually gone to than a quarter of a million Brits live in Spain and the big majority are believed to be qualified to vote. You should have been on the UK electoral roll within

the last 15 years, or if you were under 18 when you left then at least one of your parents need to have been on the electoral list.The deadline to sign up for an overseas postal vote is 16 May, in order for ballot papers to be sent from 23 May in time for them to arrive and for you to send them back. Just visit with your passport, National Insurance number and last UK postcode. The procedure takes just 5 minutes. If you do miss the deadline, you can still apply for a proxy vote.Even if you registered as an abroad voter for the General Election last year, you do have to do it again. That’s due to the fact that -just as in the UK-you have to register every year in order to enact UK elections and referendums.Expats who wish to know more about the EU referendum can check out!.?.!.You can learn more about voting at!.?.!.Expats who are active on social networks can utilize the hashtag #yourvotematters Expats who left the UK more than 15 years ago are regrettably ineligible to vote, since legislation planned to get rid of the time limitation can not be passed before the mandate date.(888011000110888 )Ambassador Simon Manley urges Brits to have their say in EU mandate.