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More than 8,300 migrants have been rescued from the sea in a ‘frenetic’ weekend

Many have arrived today to the ports in southern Italy and over the weekend 60 lifeguard operations using 35 ships, including mercantile have been working

Several ports in southern Italy have been welcoming a good part of more than 8,300 migrants rescued only over the three days from the Mediterranean waters which separate Libya and Italy, with many children and men showing signs of torture.


Photo Italian Coastguard

Sources at the Italian Coastal Guard explained the arrival at the Sicilian port of Messina of around 1,200 migrants and today, the stormy conditions are proving problematic in locating the small boats.
Also this morning, arrived at Catania also in Sicily, 1,181 migrants from a German vessel `Rhein’ according to local media

Spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency, Carlotta Sami, explained in total 60 rescue missions have been executed with 35 boats rescued including mercantile vessels in support.

Sami affirmed the rhythm of lives saved last weekend was ‘very frenetic’ so much so that many humanitarian volunteers and maritime rescue were working tirelessly for 40 hours. She only knew of seven deaths one of a pregnant woman but feared more than twenty.

She lamented that many of the boys and men showed evident signs of torture, cigarette burns on their backs, signs of being whipped or subjected to electrical torture, given they were taken prisoner in Libya by the human traffickers and their families had been subjected to extortion.

Italy has rescued a record number of migrants – the Italian Interior Ministry notes from Jan 1 to April 12, 26,989 migrants have landed on Italian coasts, up by 23.8% on the same time last year.