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New Housing Benefit limits for complaintants going abroad

People living in Great Britain can now only get Housing Benefit for 4 weeks if they run out the nation. Previously, real estate benefit complaintants might continue having their lease spent for as much as 13 weeks.

The brand-new rules, which came into force last month, prevent plaintiffs from taking long dragged out journeys outside Great Britain while getting taxpayer assist with their rent, as well as bringing Housing Benefit into line with Jobseeker’s Allowance and other working age advantages, which already have more stringent limits.Those in invoice of Pension Credit also deal with a decrease in the time they can continue to get their advantage whilst abroad, from 13 weeks to 4 weeks.Minister for Welfare

Delivery, Caroline Nokes stated:”It ‘s essential that the advantages system is fair to those who need it and those who pay for it.”It’s wrong that people might be abroad for over 3 months and still anticipate the taxpayer to pay their rent back house. “These new guidelines indicate that individuals can still delight in holidays like everyone
else, however will guarantee that the system isn’t abused.” For more information on these changes or to find out exactly what exemptions use, call

your regional advantage office.Those who are long-term locals overseas remain not able to declare income-related advantages for any period of time.

These include advantages such as Housing Benefit, Pension Credit or Universal Credit.If you believe somebody of dedicating advantage fraud in Spain, call the Benefit Fraud Hotline on 900 55

444 0. Calls are totally free and private. You can likewise report an advantage thief online at Help make sure that benefits go to those who require them most.