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Nóos Verdict – Urdangarin six years imprisonment and the Infanta acquitted

The Palma Provincial Court has published their verdict on the 17 accused of diverting public funds propagandised by Urdangarin, husband of Cristina de Borbón.

The sentencing orders for Iñaki Urdangarin six years and three months in prison, Cristina de Borbón has to pay a fine of 265,088 €, Diego Torres, former partner of Urdangarin sentenced to eight years and six months in prison, and the former president of the Baleares, Jaume Matas to three years and eight months.


Iñaki and Cristina – in happier times – Archive photo

Urdangarin has been condemned for breach of public duty via prevarication, misuse of public funds, fraud, influence peddling and two crimes against the Public Treasury.

The tribunal presided by the magistrate Samantha Romero had worked for nearly eight months to redact nearly 1,000 sheets which compose the verdict. The Infanta is in Geneva with her family and when the verdict was announced King Felipe VI was visiting the Thyssen Museum.

Regarding the organisations of the Valencia Summit between 2004 and 2007 for which Urdangarin and Torres obtained some three million € the court ruled no crime had been committed and likewise on the accusations over the Madrid bid to hold the Olympics 2016. Also found not guilty was the accountant for Nóos Marco Antonio Tejeiro.

The Infanta Cristina, will be repaid around 372,000 €, the difference between 587,000 € demanded by the prosecutor Horrach as participant in lucrative crimes and what she deposited in December 2014 and the 265,088 finally imposed by the tribunal.

Diego Torres has been given a longer sentence than his partner the King’s brother-in-law because the tribunal found him guilty of controlling an international network of money transferring between Belize and the UK, hiding the defrauded amount from the public funds and then laundering the money via successive small amounts, until they ended up in his own account.

Miquel Roca, the lawyer for the Infanta, said his client is ‘satisfied by the recognition of her innocence’ but ‘she continues loyal to her husband and remains convinced of his innocence.

Sources at the Zarzuela expressed ‘absolute respect for the independence of Judicial Power’.