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Pedro Sánchez has once again said no to Rajoy, but he is open for dialogue.

The leader of the PSOE rejected his proposal for ‘understanding’ which Rajoy had offered, support in the regions and town halls in exchange for a national pact, although he will visit the Moncloa if Rajoy calls him.

He considers the acting Prime Minister is committing an error when the talks about seats in Congress and not about the solutions which the Spanish people need, and he should have resigned two years ago, when he sent the SMS message to Luis Bárcenas.


Pedro Sánchez in rtve

Speaking to journalists yesterday in the Senate he answered the comments made by the former socialist Prime Minister, Felipe González, who suggested PSOE should abstain at the investiture of Mariano Rajoy with support from Ciudadanos.

‘There is no argument for or against for a PP Government because it is the party of Gürtel and corruption and must now move into the opposition to let others regenerate democratic life’

‘The institutional corruption in the PP in Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha, the austerity and cuts, the labour reform means we cannot support this bunch of corrupt’.