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Pedro Sánchez has resigned as a Member of Parliament

The former general secretary of the PSOE defended his resignation to avoid ‘going back on my words’

Pedro Sánchez has resigned today Saturday his seat in Congress, after being defeated in a vote to celebrate a Congress to vote for a new leader, after voting on Thursday against Mariano Rajoy in the first session of his investiture.
With his decision he maintains faithful to his no against a PP Cabinet, and respects the decision of the PSOE federal committee, the main organ for the PSOE between congresses, and not vary from his no to the abstention to facilitate a PP Government.

Sánchez argued his decision was down to a ‘deep disagreement’ with the resolution of the federal committee to facilitate the investiture of Mariano Rajoy.
‘I will not go against my party or against my electoral undertaking’ he justified. ‘Of the two options given to me by the Manager I have chosen none’ he specified.

‘From next Monday, I shall collect my car and travel to all the corners of Spain to listen to the PSOE militants’. In fact, he called on the Manager to name the date of the next federal congress, ‘the socialists want to vote’ he said.

‘It has been a painful decision to make’ he said just before breaking down and pausing before continuing refusing questions from the journalists. Sánchez apologised ‘for the errors I may have committed’ and called on the current PSOE direction, of which he has been very critical, to not expel the members who maintain their no against Rajoy. ‘That would be an error’ he said, before expressly defending the socialist Catalan parliamentarians. ‘We are many who defend the PSC, in the PSOE cannot spare anyone’.