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Pedro Sánchez will today offer an agreement on the left for his investiture

The socialist leader will use the last hours before his investiture speech, tomorrow at 4pm in Congress, to make the offer to the left. It stays to be seen how the other celebrations respond.

Simply one day prior to the investiture dispute, Pedro Sánchez has actually announced prior to his Federal Committee that today he will ‘make an offer to all the political parties which want weather change’ therefore permitting the involvement of Ciudadanos to obtain the needed bulk tomorrow to be chosen prime minister.Pedro Sánchez It will be a’coherent ‘offer for a contract with Ciudadanos, however will go much further than


left wing politics, according to Sánchez who acquired 79 % assistance from the militants over last weekend with a participation of 51.7 %.’ We will not renounce the forces for weather change which build up ‘, he affirmed the socialist leader, who wants Podemos to abstain to provide him the access.

To fight the home of the party led by Pablo Iglesias, who is totally against his pact with Ciudadanos, Sánchez has actually insisted that result would’ in the worst case situation keep Mariano Rajoy in power’. In his message directed to the left, such as Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Compromís, Sánchez has actually provided a dedication to’impulse in Congress’all the procedures which can be concurred with other parties not including in his accord with Ciudadanos. He has provided to reinforce the emergency situation social plan, labour rights, democratic regeneration, sexual and labour equality, impulse renewable energies, and recognise the policies had to resolve the matters of asylum and the refugees, among others.The investiture argument begins tomorrow in Congress at 4pm, and on Wednesday in the first vote Pedro Sánchez will need 176 and just has 130 seats which is difficult as he has actually admitted,’Yes we know, however it is the primary step towards an advance and change of the political system in our nation’. A 2nd round of voting would then happen on Friday were a simple majority between’yes’ and’no ‘. Meanwhile, Podemos is reported to be already preparing for the next 2 months prior to another election, over which time they hope the socialists will finally choose to ‘elect modification ‘, thinking about the second round of ballot would still see Pedro Sánchez defeated again.Mariano Rajoy would then provide his candidature to the King, also thinking the second vote will fail.Regarding Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera summarized the position by stating’ There is one issue, that the Señor Rajoy doesn’t want to go ‘.

The leader of Ciudadanos links the success of his arrangement with PSOE to the departure of Rajoy and also believes in spite of his support for Sánchez he is not likely to win the second round of voting, and then he would ‘search for points in common ‘with the next candidate, presumably Rajoy.