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Prosecutor Horrach wants those found guilty in the Nóos case to serve longer sentences.

Pedro Horrach recognised he has suffered threats, such as other prosecutors.

The Palma anti-corruption prosecutor Pedro Horrach announced today he will propose to the prosecutors of the Supreme Court to appeal the sentences in the Nóos case and to request longer prison terms for Urdangarin and his partner Diego Torres, for embezzlement and defrauding public and mercantile documents, and jail sentences for the public workers in the Valencia PP who were absolved despite having signed the same contracts with the Nóos Institute as the Baleares Govern.


Pedro Horrach – Archive photo

Horrach understands the existence of the crime of misuse of public funds because the company Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia (CACSA) should have obeyed the laws regarding making contracts with third parties, something ignored in the sentence. This crime gives a jail sentence between four and eight years.

He also explained he was against Iñaki Urdangarin lounging about in Switzerland and called for provisional prison to ‘reduce’ the risk of flight ‘but not the annul the seriousness of the sentences’ although he added the judges considered this danger ‘was practically ruled out’ and in consequence, ordered a measure for the monthly appearance and withdrew the passport from Torres.

Horrach believes the former Duke of Palma has been placed in a ‘situation of privilege’ and this was not ‘exceptional’ given the decision made by the judges