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Rajoy– ‘A new election is much better …’

Acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy has actually said ‘A brand-new election is much better than a Government formed by Podemos, PSOE and Ciudadanos’. The president of the PP boasts of his passivity because December 20 which has revealed ‘the protagonists of the new politics’.

‘In fact it is not good that we have to repeat the election, however in the very same way I state I have actually tried to avoid it, and I have to say it is much better to repeat the election than being controlled by the three-party pack– supported from Valencia and Compromís.

‘We have done what we had to do, without fuss or speculation, tricking nobody and with no anxiety’All the Spanish deputies are being paid complete salaries up until the election on June 26. They will all get 2,813.87 EUR a month with a variable extra according to being inside the Madrid area of 870 EUR and somewhere else 1,823 EUR. They can likewise utilize their mobile phones and tablets.