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Rajoy – Brexit is ‘a serious threat’ for the Spanish economy

Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, affirmed yesterday that Brexit supposed ‘a serious threat’ to the some 17 million British tourists who visited in 2016.

Referring to the instability factors for 2017, Rajoy said in public in a forum celebrated in Madrid that ‘the most important of all is without doubt, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union’

‘Brexit is a serious threat for the ‘direct important economic impact in our bilateral relations. I only need to tell you that one in every five tourists which choose Spain is British, nearly 17 million Britons visited last year’, he explained.

‘In addition, Great Britain is our main destination for Spanish exports and our third social partner’, he noted, and said it was up to the European leaders to stop and think deeply to create a new more solid European Union.

Rajoy also showed concern for the next elections in France and Germany, where the far-right parties, hostile to the EU, hope to obtain good results.

Spain hopes both ‘will maintain their European outlook and their determination to move forward into a larger project of political initiative which represents the European Union’

Regarding Donald Trump he noted ‘I think it is in the interests of everybody to maintain the best relations possible with the USA, whoever is living in the White House’

‘From this friendly relationship, we will continue to defend our convictions which pass through an open society, integrated and for multilateral cooperation and for free trade’.