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Rajoy has failed, Congress has overturned the reform of the stevedores sector

The Cabinet lost the vote by 142 yes’s, 175 no’s and 33 abstentions.

The Government of Mariano Rajoy has learned this Thursday, what a defeat feels like after losing the voting on the reform of the stevedores sector for the Spanish ports with the PP and PNV voting in favour and PSOE with Unidos Podemos voting against and 33 abstentions.

The Cabinet has until April 2 to adapt the Spanish legislation to the European which obliges opening up the market, but the opposition have been clear, the one condition which has to be met is to negotiate.

Development minister, Íñigo de la Serna, planted by surprise yesterday afternoon a proposal in extremis, but this has failed. The minister presented his proposal in meeting which the patronal and unions had already called, which was of a technical character, given the real men were not present, only their lawyers and advisors, who said they lacked the capacity ‘to negotiate any agreement’

‘In our opinion, the document presented by the minister did not in any way guarantee job security’, indicated Víctor Díaz, one of the assessors for the Coordinator of Maritime Workers, the main union for the stevedores.

The plan for voluntary early retirement offered by Development, the assessor of the Coordinator said it could be ‘positive, but is not sufficient’ given the ‘difficulty’ of any worker ‘to decide for early retirement’. In addition, these promised pensions depended on an eventual agreement between the companies and unions over subrogation.

It remains to be seen of the announced strike action continues in the ports, which were set to start tomorrow. What is clear, following the defeat of the Government, all the parties involved have to get around the same table.