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Rajoy has offered dialogue to the PSOE after their ‘reasonable’ abstention.

The acting prime minister said he would put himself ‘in the place of the other’ and underlined ‘there are good things’ in the socialists resolution which we can take discuss in the future.

The ‘details’ will be reserved by Rajoy until his investiture. Sources at the PP understand he has repeatedly offered dialogue to combat the sensation of a gratuitous abstention.
Rajoy has not wanted to ‘concrete’ the details of the PSOE decision, which include the abolishment of the PP labour reform, to call for Toledo Pack on pensions and to debate the territorial structuring of the country.

What is taken for granted by those surrounding Rajoy is having a gala or any spectacle over the new agreement or legislature will not be possible. The vice-secretary of Programs and Studies of the PP resumed in ‘having the necessary virtue’; ‘We are excited to recognise the need to reach grand agreements, a legislature which changes cycle so decisions are made by a majority consensus among the political forces which are represented I the new Constitutional framework, our moderation and centralism, leaving aside the radials and extremists’ noted Andrea Levy on her arrival at the working breakfast which Rajoy presented in Madrid with the coordinator of PP in Cataluña Xavier García Albiol.

In this framework Rajoy mentioned the PSC, which despite the decision of the PSOE federal commission; maintained their ‘no’ to the PP candidate and Rajoy decided that could wait for another day.

Also attending the working breakfast were María Dolores de Cospedal and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. The Catalan independence challenge had concentrated the debate. Rajoy placed the unity of Spain as a nonnegotiable ‘an angular stone’, but offered dialogue to the rest. ‘The citizens of Cataluña can be secure and relaxed, we are confident that soon Spain will have a fully-functioning Government directed by the citizens interests and wellbeing, a Government open to dialogue and understanding, and which has to comply with the law’ he warned.

In the same way, Levy had requested that ‘in this legislature there will be a wide consensus between the constitutional forces’ to resolve the Catalan question. This will be one our greatest challenges for the next few years, but now we can first proceed on the reform of autonomous regional funding.