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Rajoy has presented himself as ‘the only steady, moderate and efficient Government’

The acting prime minister alerted of the severity of the present scenario of clog for the economy versus the ‘experiences in radicalism’.

Mariano Rajoy has asked this Tuesday the confidence of the Congress of the Deputies to accomplish his investiture as Prime Minister with the main argument of avoiding the ‘incredibly serious consequences’ of the institutional and political blockage as the only guarantee for a ‘stable, moderate and effective’ Cabinet which just he can guarantee.The acting prime minister made a balance over the last legislature, pestered with economic information, to improve his inheritance with the one he received from José María Aznar in December 2011. Rajoy read from paper as always and his speech today was practically identical to previous efforts, without taking into consideration the transcendence of the dispute on the investiture so different than those previous and with the shadow of a political blockage.

‘It appears that there are inadequate agreements to assume a sufficient majority. This is to state Spain is well aware of the significance of today’s debate’, he confessed, cannot discuss the PSOE nor as a demand for support.Only in the eleventh hours he allowed himself to accept his obligations to ensure’that the circumstances required of us now, should be achieved via consensus, which is to day at the service of all Spaniards. I will listen to the viewpoints of the opposition with interest, and want to hear your disposition to resolve a problem which impacts all of us’. His closing noted ‘I hope we can demonstrate that we have

had the ability to put the interests of individuals prior to ourselves, and in consequence we can open a new Government which the Spanish are waiting for ‘. ‘The reasons I am requesting for the self-confidence of Congress are as follows; Spain needs an efficient Government urgently, the Spanish have actually clearly spoken of their choice for the Popular Party, and in third location we can not run the risk of other option’ (888011000110888 )The acting prime minister warned of the severity of the existing situation of clog for the economy against the’adventures in radicalism’.