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Six jihadist terrorists have been arrested in Melilla and Morocco

The terrorist cell had planned large attacks, maintained nocturnal sessions for physical training and simulated assassination by beheading.

National Police agents from the Melilla Information Provincial Brigade, with members from the Moroccan Kingdom Territory Vigilance dismantled today a jihadist terrorist cell composed of six individuals, two residents of Melilla and four from Morocco.

Five of the arrested are Moroccan, one with Spanish legal residency and the sixth detained is Spanish of Moroccan origin.

The leader of the cell, resident in Melilla, realised labours of capture and indoctrination, following the global strategy of DEASH, taking advantage of his work in a children re-education centre where his victims were especially vulnerable.

According to sources, during this period, the effective dismantling of a active terrorist cell, whose imminent proposal and disposition was to pass the violent Jihad with a dangerous level of activation.

Their nocturnal meetings were held closely guarded, where they planned their terrorist attacks, and simulated different types of assassination.

The joint operation puts into evidence the great collaboration between the Spanish and Moroccan security services resulting in both countries preventing terrorist attacks.

Since June 26, 2015 date when the anti-terrorist alert reached 4, the Security Forces have detained 199 jihadist terrorists captured in Spain and abroad, and a total of 244 since the start of 2015.