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Spain has allowed British military helicopters to use Spanish ground as a stopover to Gibraltar

Last weekend four RAF helicopters and one from the Royal Navy stopped over in two Spanish airports to refuel and fly in Spanish airspace to Gibraltar.

The Spanish Ministry for Foreign Matters and Cooperation authorised the British arrivals which are then communicated to the Spanish Defence Ministry which controls the airspace.


CH47 Chinook

Four heavy transport helicopters CH-47 Chinook and one Agusta Westland AW101 Merlin Mk3 which used the airports at San Sebastian and San Pablo in Sevilla for refuelling.

The British operation RUMAN is supplying humanitarian assistance to the Caribbean, personnel and materials using C-17 transport planes, A400M and Voyager of the RAF and British warships such as HMS Ocean which was docked in Gibraltar with the RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) Mounts Bay with 40 marines and engineers on board, which has been in the Caribbean since July at the start of the hurricane season.