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Spain has the youngest population since 1960

According to data from the Spanish Youth Observatory dependent on the Youth Institute (Injuve in Spanish) and their report ‘youngsters in numbers’ with data from last month supplied by the National Statistics Office.

As of Jan 1 2016 in Spain the number of youths aged between 15 and 29 was 7.11 million, 15.3% of the total population of 46 million people. The percentage is only lower in Italy which has fewer youngsters.


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Spain now has the same youth population as in 1960, with less demographic weight. 50 years ago it was 23.4% of the total and this comes now as part of the generally longer lifespan.

Youths gravitate to cities – of the same age group more than 32% lives in the capital of the province and only 5% in the smaller villages, as these areas are seeing a loss of population.

In the Madrid region, fewer than 2,000 youngsters live in outlying villages (0.2% of the total population) with Murcia, Canaries and Baleares with less than one percent in villages, while the population of central Madrid is 50% youngsters.