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Spain has too many eggs in the British basket for a bad divorce to be reached

The Spanish Government must send to Great Britain their ‘best men’ to achieve the best of the commercial and trade agreements possible after Brexit

So affirmed the Professor of Economics and President of the Social Council of the Castilla-La Mancha University, Emilio Ontiveros, who emphasised ‘we have too many eggs in the British market, to lose them from a bad accord’


Emilio Ontiveros

Affirmations realised in the framework of the closing of the conference III Days for Economy Professionals organised by the Albacete Economists College.

With Spanish growth up to 3% this year, we cannot allow any dark clouds on the horizon ahead as this would be especially catastrophic for Spain – given its open borders

Brexit must be ‘friendly and quick’ given the British are our best tourist and foreign home owners – more than 800,000 have purchased property here.

Second dark cloud concerns Donald Trump for his protectionist and his exclusionary policies.