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Spain is investigating if Anis Amri had a contact in the country

The Interior Ministry is analysing whether the Berlin terrorist had made contact with any resident in Spain.

Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, assured this Saturday that his information services are studying a possible connection via the internet between a resident of Spain and Anis Amri, author of the truck terrorist attack in Berlin on Dec 19.


Anis Amri – video grab from a social network

‘From the data which we are receiving reciprocally we are investigating all the possible links to our country with one concrete person’, assured Zoido speaking to Spanish media.

Zoido added the Guardia Civil has been informed about this possible connection with the Tunisian Anis Amri, the presumed author of the attack in Berlin and who shot dead an Italian policeman during a routine control in Milan.

The Interior Ministry has asked for prudence as this is very sensitive information which is being analysed by the security forces ahead of any detention in Spain.

Juan Ignacio Zoido finally wanted to thank the professionalism of the Police and Guardia Civil and the ‘good relationship’ with the regional police forces.