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Strikes called at Spanish airports over Christmas period

Strikes called at Spanish airports over Christmas period

Airport workers will take industrial action over Christmas, in seperate actions, in what promise to bring travel chaos to millions to visitors to Spain over the holidays. They are protesting against the partial privatization of airport operator AENA and will specify the exact dates on December 9.

At a press conference, representatives of CCOO, UGT and the USO said that within a week they will meet the state union coordinator and members of the USCA air controllers’ union to finalize the dates of the actions to be carried out .

The demonstrations and strikes will involve all staff in the national airport network, paralysing facilities by leaving them with only the minimum services decreed by the Ministry of Public Works.

According to AENA’s works committee, the announcement made yesterday by the, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to denationalize 49% of the public airport operator and surrender into private hands the Spanish airports in Madrid and Barcelona will intend “the end of AENA”.

Union representatives also commented that it was incomprehensible that the Spanish Spanish airports Authority, which also operates in foreign Spanish airports, could be made to hand over responsibility in Spain, which they feel would breaks the cohesion of the Spanish network.

The CCOO representative for the Spanish Spanish airports Authority, César Revuelta, accused the Minister of Public Works of “lying” having originally announced in parliament one formula that has now “changed completely”, leaving out much of what had been promised, hence the need for “a strong response.”

Luis Mutone, from the USO, accused the government of privatising “the crown jewels,” in reference to the Madrid and Barcelona Spanish airports.

The three business commerce union representatives are calling on the government to “reverse” the decision and stay true to the original conditions agreed with unions months ago: the maintenance of the network, the unmarried agreement and the assure of working conditions.