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Suicide continues to be the main external cause of death with 3,910 cases

The 2014 data has actually been launched today by the National Statistics Institute and throughout that year the people who died from external causes (suicides, unexpected falls, traffic mishaps and drowning) was 14,903 individuals

The 2014 data for suicide corresponds to 13 deaths per 100,000 occupants, doubling the number to pass away on the roads.Of the 14,903, 9,388 were men and 5,515 women, a yearly increase of 1.5 %

Of all the suicides (up 1 % in 2014), accidental falls provoked 2,749 deaths, drowning, submersion and suffocation provoked 2,379 deaths, traffic mishaps triggered 1,873 deaths which 1,429 were male and 444 woman).

Elsewhere, dementia caused the death of 17,883 individuals of which Alzheimer accounted for 14,022. These two mental illnesses already suppose the 4th and 7th causes of death in Spain, 70 % of this group are women.The death rate enhanced by 1.4 % In Spain last year there were 395,830 deaths, 5,411( 1.4 %) more than in 2013 which 201,571 were men( up 0.9 %) and 194,259 women(up 1.9 %)Gross death rate was 852.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, 1.7 % up on 2013. The majority of the deaths( 380,927 or 96.2 % )were from natural causes and illnesses– heart relevant(117,393), tumours( 110,278 )and lung and breathing diseases (48,841)The National Statistics Institute noted the only section of disease which saw

more deaths over the year were lung and respiratory diseases up by 3 %. There are differences according to gender– offered tumours are the first cause of death for guys (294.6 per 100,000 people)and the second cause for ladies (182.1 per 100,000) Heart and blood circulation conditions were the primary cause of death for ladies( 270.2 per 100,000 )and 2nd for men (234.6 per 100,000)

and also 2nd for women(182.1 per 100,000) For children passing away under one, prenatal conditions and hereditary malformations( 82.1 % of the under 1’s )Ages between 1 and 14 and 40 and 79 tumours are the primary cause(29.1 % and 44.1 %). Amongst the over 79’s heart problems were the primary cause (34.7 % )and those aged in between 15 and 39 external causes was the most common (39.3 %)The variety of individuals suffering a deadly heart attack had actually fallen as follows cardiovascular disease and angina pectoris were the largest falls in cause of death down 2.5 % while cerebrovascular condition or a stroke was

the second cause of death to drop 1 %. Concerning tumours, the most fatal were cancer of bronchia and lung, and colon cancer, slightly fewer cases with males the most influenced. For women breast cancer and colon cancer were the most common however lower than the previous year.For the autonomous areas the greatest for every single 100,000 people in 2014 were Asturias( 1,215.5), Castilla y León (1,118.0), and Galicia( 1,092.6). And the most affordable starts with Melilla(576.8), Ceuta( 601.5), Madrid(675.3 )and Canaries(676.5)