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Susana Díaz has attacked Sánchez: ‘It not good to blame those who won the election’

The president of the Junta de Andalucía has actually taken an advance concerning her future ‘I will go where my companions think I will be most helpful, there I will be’.

Asked about any management obstacle, Díaz assured ‘I have been in this party for more then 20 years, I love my party and I will go where my companions think I will be most useful, there I will be, at the head or at the back’.


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Susana Díaz – Archive image Susana Díaz was going to Airbus Operations in Puerto Real (Cádiz) where she kept in mind the PSOE ‘remains in a tough scenario since all the options are bad and someone has to reveal some management and obligation to position our party on the roadway to healing’.

‘The escape is not accusing our companions of being secondary to the PP. No socialist is so. Nobody wants to be so because the PP has actually beaten us in the elections, and Spain requires something else’.

Susana Díaz explained exactly what is incorrect with her party nationally ‘we have actually suffered a lot of successive beats, and someone has to get up and ask why’– ‘I have actually raised my voice at the party hierarchy and asking questions but nobody appears interested’ and she also rejected the latest technique of Pedro Sánchez to main elections for the management on October 23.

‘Perhaps we will all choose together in January or April but first we need to consider Spain, and later on our own interests, as I have always thought’ and she concluded ‘I think it now and will constantly: first is our country and our responsibility to honour and assist the people and let internal disagreements be put to one side when he have been politically blocked for far too long’.