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The creeping privatisation in Spain’s regional health services

Madrid, Cataluña, Baleares and Galicia are the regions with the most privatised health services, while Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria and Andalucía are less privatised.

These are the conclusions from the 3rd report ‘The hygienic privatisation in the autonomous areas’, realised by the Federation of Associations for the Defence of Public Health, (Fadsp) with information from 2014 and 2015 during which time privatisation had enhanced in all regions.Privatisation is sneaking especially in the general financing of the local services which began in 2009, and the data shows enhancing inequality.The variables evaluated in the study were the portion of the population covered by Public Mutual Health Services, the money invested in personal insurance coverage, the health expense per patient, the percentage of beds now in personal healthcare facilities, the level of new and high technological devices in private healthcare facilities and the health costs devoted to the concentration of the personal centres and the presence of examples of public-private collaboration.Highly privatised: Madrid (23 points), Cataluña (22 ), Baleares( 19)and Galicia(18)Moderately privatised: Basque Country(17 ), Canaries Navarra and Valencia(16), Castilla y León (15) Asturias and La Rioja(

14)and Aragón and Murcia
( 13)Lowly privatised: Andalucía and Cantabria (12), Castilla-La Mancha(11)and Extremadura(10 )