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The discovery of Diana Quer’s mobile in an estuary is bad news

A shellfish gatherer found the iPhone where the battery died which was at three in the morning, a few hours after her disappearance.

‘It is the worst possible news; it is the evidence which we most feared’. Just after 2pm yesterday the revelation was a bucket of cold water among the detectives at Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard, which for 68 days had been following the trail of Diana Quer, the young girl from Madrid who vanished in A Pobra do Caramiñal (Coruña) during the early hours of August 22.
Minutes earlier, the shellfish gatherer found the deteriorated iPhone in the estuary in Arousa, white and model 6.


Diana Quer

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed the ownership but it will take several days to try to recover data from the sodden device. The iPhone was discovered in an area close to the Taragoña Port (Rianxo) in Coruña, in a zone between the quay and the motorway bridge which leads to Barganza, which is only 15km from in A Pobra do Caramiñal.

This area, although publically denied by the Government Delegation almost since the start, had been the epicentre of the Civil Guard investigations, especially from early October, when the detectives ascertained the hour the battery died, and this tragically indicates she had been kidnapped and not left on her own free will.