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The family of the young mother who died in a hospital lift has taken legal action against the hospital in Sevilla

Claiming negligence possibly criminal after the fatal accident in which the head of Rocío Cortés got trapped between floors and closed doors.

Rocío Cortés, 25-year-old young mother from Sevilla, died on Sunday afternoon in one of the most tragic and horrible accidents you can imagine. She had just given birth to her third daughter in the Virgen de Valme hospital in Sevilla, when a malfunctioning lift which should have taken Rocío up a floor, stopped and trapped her head leading to her death.

The accident happened when a porter was pushing Rocío Cortés on a trolley into one of the lifts in the hospital, the doors failed to close and the lift started to go up trapping her head on the end of the trolley between floors. The attempts by the porter to recover the trolley were in vain.

The family has started taking legal action before the duty judge, against the SAS Andalucía Health Service and the company Orona, responsible for maintaining the lift, noted her father, Juan Cortés, grappling with pain.

Court 1 in Sevilla has already opened diligences after receiving notification about the accident by the hospital managers, according to judicial sources. Justice will determine whether it was a tragic or unusual accident believed by the Junta, or some type of criminal negligence, as the family contest. Key will be the investigation by the Police homicides group and the autopsy realised yesterday.

The Junta de Andalucía said in a statement, ‘they had requested a technical report from the maintenance company, on their diagnosis of what had happened and the motives, which led to the tragic end’.

The health unions have rejected any human error, and yesterday took advantage of a meeting with the directors of the hospital, demanding two porters be used when patients are being taken back to their rooms.

Based in Guipúzcoa, the maintenance company Orona contracted since 2013 assures, in their belief, the lift had passed all the obligatory and periodic inspections ‘without incident’ and the last revision had been on August 12.

‘I have seven children, but this girl was the flower and joy in my house’ expressed her father, Juan Cortés, at the doors of the legal medical institute where the autopsy results are pending.
Very helpless with pain of a father who has lost a 25-year-old child ‘Normally, she would be burying me’ he lamented.

The Patients Defenders Association has asked the chief prosecutor in Sevilla, María José Segarra, to investigate the circumstances of the death of Rocío. PP and Podemos want the Government to inform Parliament on which had occurred.

Councillor for the Interior and Justice, Rosa Aguilar, underlined she had started to investigate in depth because ‘the families need the right to know and understand all the details’