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The Government has recognised that 52 Guardia Civil agents committed suicide over the past five years

The average suicide rate in the armed institution is 16.49 per 100,000 people, while the general population is 11.78 and the National Police agents at 12.28

The admission came in parliamentary answer to a question from the socialist MP Antonio Hurtado, who requested detailed data on location and circumstance of each case.


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With respect to data from 2012 until OCT 28 2016, 52 suicides were recorded, with Andalucía representing 14 and Madrid 11.
Yearly 2012 and 2014 both saw 12 fatalities, 2013 saw 9, 2015 saw 8 and part of 2016 saw 11.

Hurtado considered ‘a detailed study on the possible reasons and conditions which lead to these tragic events compared to the wider society’ and he highlighted ‘labour conditions and circumstances’

The General Direction of the Guardia Civil has since 2005 operated a protocol concerning suicides, including the Preventative Plan of Psychological Assistance. Carried out by the Psychology Service as an essential procedural tool to intervene in three levels of prevention: 1 – early alerts, 2 – people found in situations of risk and 3 – working conditions and circumstances.

Given a continual analysis of progress on the subject ‘to demonstrate any factors outside the Guardia Civil’ which are to be of concern regarding suicide.

The Unified Association of the Guardia Civil (AUGC in Spanish) are not happy with the numbers and note it equates to one death every 26 days.